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Looking for same day payday loan options to deal with current financial issues? With
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What is a Same-Day Payday Loan?

As the name suggest, a same-day loan is a short-term personal loan (also known as cash advance, payday advance or payday loan) which is reviewed, instantly approved, and funded all during the same business day. This option is very popular among Americans who need the cash urgently and are not ready to wait a day or two.

Not every payday lender offers an option of same-day loan approval and funding, this is why you have much higher chances of finding the desired offer if you apply with USWTA, since this way your loan request is sent to 100’s of US lenders, which would take the whole day if done by hand.

Can I Get a Same-Day Payday Loan Online?

Definitely you can find a same-day loan lender online on your own, but it would take too much time which is why you need such a lender in the first place.

To get the best result, you can use a broker like USWTA who can connect you to dozens of direct lenders who are known to provide personal loans with same-day approval and funding. To speed up the process even more, you can follow our advice and prepare all the documents beforehand.

What are the Benefits and Risks of Same-Day Loans?

As any other loan, such cash loans have both advantages and disadvantages. While the benefits of getting a payday loan with same-day deposit are obvious, the risks are not always on the surface.

Benefits of same-day deposit loans

  • You get the money fast and can cover the budget gap or pay sudden expenses to avoid more damage or fees. For example car repaired on time can prevent more severe damage if done later.
  • The overall application process is clear and simple. You apply online, provide personal ID and some other documents – and that’s it. If you get an loan offer, read the agreement and sign.
  • Bad credit history or low credit score still allow you to get a payday loan with no collateral to secure it. No bank can offer that.

Risks of same-day loans

  • These loans come at a price, in some cases you might end up paying more in interest rate and service fees or fines, than the initial amount which you borrow. When you get into payday loans, you can expect to pay from 280% to 790% APR on your loan. Do not forget the additional flat-rate service fee and possible fines if you miss or delay loan repayment.
  • You may end up in a serious debt trap of you take a loan which you cannot afford. This means that you must avoid taking a payday loan at all cost if you are not sure that you can handle the payments with interest rates and service fees. For such cases it is better to seek for same day loan alternatives, some of which are described below.

What are the Alternatives to Same-Day Loans?

The best alternative to taking a same day payday loan would be to avoid borrowing money in the first place.

Sell something

We all have things that just take the space in our closed or garage. It might be too valuable to throw it away, yet too useless for us to use it. Maybe it’s some sports equipment, and you don’t do that sports anymore. There should be something that still has value and can be sold for good.

Earn some cash

If you have a car, why not rent it out or do some Uber driving around your block. This can land you some quick cash without taking a payday loan. You can also try gig marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr if you have the skills.

FFF (Family, Friends, Fools)

If you still have to borrow, then turn to three FFF (Friends, Family or Fools) before you apply for a payday advance loan online. Of course you will have to pay out the debt some day, but the terms are usually much softer and more affordable than any other loan.

Local Pawn Shops

If you have valuable belonging, you can use those to secure a loan at a local pawn shop. The interest rate should not be as high as payday loans and you will get the money the same day. Still this should be the last option before applying for a same day loan online.

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