A.J. Clark
A.J. Clark is the founder and CEO of Thermopylae Sciences and Technology (TST).  He currently serves as the Chair for Information Sharing within the Organization for Economic Development’s (OECD) Task Force on Charting Illicit Trade (TF-CIT).  He works closely with private sector companies like Google and public sector institutions such as the US Department of State for countering illicit wildlife trafficking activity throughout the world.

David Lychenheim
David Lychenheim is a wildlife photographer who is working to expand protections for endangered wildlife by educating the public through his dramatic photographic imagery of wildlife in their natural habitats.

Dr. Michael Tlusty
Dr. Tlusty is currently the Director of Ocean Sustainability Science at the New England Aquarium, and in the fall of 2017 will transition to the University of Massachusetts Boston where he will be an Associate Professor of Sustainability and Food Solutions. His work in wildlife crime began as a simple task to understand the number of species of marine fish being imported into the US for the home aquarium hobby. Working with Dr Andrew Rhyne of Roger Williams University, they developed a means to capture invoice based data and compare that to information on declarations. While working with the legal trade, they soon realized a significant number of animals were being listed on the invoice but not declared, and this represents illegal trade hidden in plain sight. With this knowledge, Michael helped developed the concept of Automated Shipment Forensics, a program that automatically scans invoices, compares those data to the declaration, and to provide port inspects with an immediate analysis of the probability of illegal wildlife in the shipment. This project was recognized as a Grand Prize Winner in the recently held USAID Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge. Michael also works on both fishery and aquaculture issues, and looks for parallels between the food and ornamental industries. His significant experience with the sustainable seafood movement poises him to apply his knowledge of the illegal wildlife trade to help deter the trade in IUU fish.