The Alliance is a voluntary coalition of non-profit organizations, companies, foundations and media interests that will be working collaboratively with the U.S. government to reduce commercial trade in illegal wildlife and wildlife products in the U.S.  The Alliance works with dozens of members whose active engagement is essential to the success of our goal.  The Alliance offers various types of memberships.

Membership Expectations

All members are expected to: (1) use their communications channels to help spread unified messaging to combat wildlife trafficking developed through the Alliance; (2) support governance, strategic planning, shared work, and decision making via regular participation in Alliance meetings, events and other activities; and (3) share experience, expertise, best practices, tools and resources to help the Alliance meet its objectives.

Membership Categories

Organizations and corporate entities that qualify for full membership will have the right to identify themselves as participating members of the Alliance, to use materials developed through the Alliance, and to display the Alliance logo in appropriate contexts.

NGO (non-governmental organization) membership criteria

Organizations, foundations, and individuals (collectively, “NGOs”) can qualify as Alliance members if they are directly working to reduce—and eventually eliminate—the market for illegal wildlife and wildlife products in the United States and have:

Ongoing, broad-based wildlife trafficking programs with significant national reach;

A proven track record of successful wildlife programs or campaigns for at least three or more years;

Dedicated staff or team focused on combatting illegal wildlife trafficking;

Specific and/or unique expertise in areas that will help meet Alliance goals; and

A willingness to contribute to the work of the Alliance.

Corporate membership criteria

Corporations can qualify as Alliance members if they agree to develop and implement Strong corporate policies with best practice targets (e.g., management systems; key performance indicators, etc.) to thwart wildlife traffickers’ efforts to market illegal wildlife products and/or provide available owned media distribution platforms for the consumer demand reduction campaign messaging.  Corporation members also must manifest a willingness to contribute to the work of the Alliance.

Media membership criteria

Media entities can qualify as Alliance members if they agree to help develop and disseminate Alliance messaging through their owned communications channels.  Media members may be eligible for a “Special Member Recognition” category to honor media members that make an extraordinary level of commitment to assist in Alliance-related communications efforts, as discussed below.

Associate Members

Associate members are organizations, corporations, entities and individuals that do not meet the eligibility requirements for full membership.  These are groups whose activities are consistent with the vision, mission and objectives of the Alliance, but do not have wildlife trafficking as a primary focus or are regional or local wildlife organizations without significant national reach.

Alliance Supporters

The Alliance Supporter designation will be granted to those individuals that are willing to support our mission and vision, but are not actively working in the wildlife trafficking field.

Special Member Recognition Categories

The Alliance will seek funding for activities that advance the objectives of the Alliance.  In particular, efforts will be devoted to raising funds to develop and disseminate effective, unified communications targeted at raising awareness and changing consumer behavior regarding trade in illegal wildlife products.

Upon approval of the Steering Committee, various levels of recognition will be awarded to corporations and entities that make an extraordinary level of financial support or in-kind, communications-related donations on behalf of the Alliance.

Examples include:

A media partner makes a substantial cash contribution for Alliance-sponsored communications activities and dedicates a substantial amount of donated media in the U.S.; and

A corporate partner makes a substantial cash contribution for Alliance-sponsored communications activities and/or provides substantial in-kind contributions through hosting a charity event or auction or providing other significant services that support Alliance activities.