The U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance is guided by a Steering Committee composed of high-level stakeholders and experts who provide strategic guidance and counsel to the Alliance, including decisions related to its mission, programmatic focus, growth, and development. The members are broadly representative of key Alliance constituencies, including non-profit conservation organizations, media organizations, companies, and foundations.

Steering Committee members will provide counsel on important decisions for the Alliance, including major partnership development, Alliance governing structure, goal planning, and key Alliance meetings and events.  Steering Committee members will receive monthly reporting on key metrics including progress towards key performance indicators, outcomes and impacts, and communication outputs.

John Baker, Managing Director, WildAid

Patrick Bergin, Chief Executive Officer, African Wildlife Foundation

John Calvelli, Executive Vice President for Public Affairs, Wildlife Conservation Society

Steve D’Esposito, President, RESOLVE

Terry Garcia, Chief Science and Exploration Officer, National Geographic Society

David J. Hayes (Chair), Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Law, Stanford Law School

Ginette Hemley, Senior Vice President, Wildlife Conservation, World Wildlife Fund

Judith McHale, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cane Investments, LLC

Johanna Shelton, Director, Public Policy, Google

Dave Stewart, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Vulcan, Inc.