“Buy Informed” This Holiday Shopping Season

This holiday season, your shopping decisions are more important than ever.  Demand for products from endangered species is driving many to the brink of extinction. These products are used in fashion, home decor, pseudo-medicine, for collections and by speculators banking on extinction. While you may not buy them, someone you know might . Make wildlife crime personal by using your sphere of influence to help end it!
Be informed, and make sure everyone in your life is willing to #BuyInformed. #Wildforlife.
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A Project Showcase of the US Wildlife Trafficking Alliance

The U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance will host a public event in the afternoon of December 5, at National Geographic, to celebrate the achievements made this year to combat wildlife trafficking through the unique public-private collaborations of the Alliance.  New corporate commitments will also be announced.

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 Watch the Live Stream Below (December 5, 2:00 PM EST)