Shop for a Cause on World Elephant Day

August 12 is World Elephant Day!  And we have teamed up with eBay to help the Alliance continue its work to protect elephants from trafficking.  Between August 11-21, visit the @eBay for Charity auction site to bid on a number of fantastic items that have been donated by leading companies around the world.  Together, we can save elephants and preserve this magnificent species for generation to come!
Don’t miss your chance to help elephants!  Visit the auction here!

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Duhamel Urges Travelers Not to Buy Endangered Wildlife Products

Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel is starring in a new WildAid awareness campaign urging travelers to avoid products made from endangered wildlife.  In a series of print, radio and television public service announcements, Duhamel alerts travelers to the impacts of buying souvenirs made from imperiled wildlife species. “Many of the world’s most magnificent animals are being pushed to extinction by the illegal trade in products made from their body parts,” Duhamel says in a TV spot while holding a tortoiseshell bracelet made from a sea turtle shell. “If you travel abroad, you may be offered one of these products. They may look nothing like the animal itself, but don’t be fooled.”  Read more about the campaign here.
Watch and share the new PSAs below!